Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Way To Go Havoc Fans!

This past Saturday night was the 3rd annual Havoc hockey game where they auctioned off the player's hockey sticks and jerseys after the game. All of the proceeds go to the Melissa George fund and is used to purchase equipment for our local NICU. Of course we wouldn't miss the game for the world and we had a blast! Our dear friends Kylie and Ella Grace met us there and we got to chat and watch the game together with our girls. In case you don't remember, Ella Grace was born 12/21/06 (8 wks before Emma) and she was 1 lb 11 oz I think and was Emma's neighbor for several weeks. Kylie and I share a special bond and I feel like we've known each other for years. Emma and Ella were so incredibly cute together and kept feeding each other popcorn. It was a great night!

Now for the big news...this year over $53,000 was raised for our NICU!!! Isn't that awesome?! Last year they raised over $115,000 but with the economy problems this year I think that is still a great number. So thank you to all of the fans that donated money, blankets, etc as well opening your checkbooks for the auction. It means so much to our family after the 3 months Emma spent in there. We are looking forward to next year!!!

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Amy George said...

Thank you so much for coming Saturday night! I'm so glad you and Emma had such a good time and got to reconnect with a NICU friend. What a special bond!

We were thrilled with the results! And actually, we raised $115,000 over two years ($54,000 the first year, and $65,000 the second year) so we were very happy with the outcome (especially during these tough economic times!).

Thanks for your support!!