Monday, January 5, 2009

Emma Is Approved For Synagis Shots!

So I haven't mentioned this before on the blog but more than likely I will be returning to work sometime this month. It all started last summer when I talked with a company about possible opportunities but then the upcoming contract fell through. Surprisingly they called me back in November I think and said the funding came through and was I still interested. I already had it in my head that I wasn't going back to work but after talking it through with George decided it might be good to consider it. With all of the problems with our economy and stuff it might be good to make some extra money and eventually we will need a new car. So Emma has been on the waiting list at our favorite daycare and I'm just waiting for the call that I got the job.

So fast forward to today. I had mentioned to the pulmonologist a few months ago that I might be going back to work. We were concerned about Emma making the transition and being sick, etc. Especially after her rough winter and now being on asthma medicine. So since she's had so many problems and been on steriods and about 6 or 7 antibiotics our insurance approved the Synagis shots!!! Unfortunately Emma probably won't be too thrilled but if it helps her to stay healthy then we can live with a few tears. Oh and the shots help prevent RSV. So her first shot is tomorrow morning and then she will receive them for the next few months through April I believe and gets them every 28 or 29 days. This makes the whole work situation easier for us. Yay! So I will definitely keep you blog readers posted on my job situation and yes, I will post pictures soon!

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