Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas!

Finally, here are some pictures from our Christmas! We've been so busy since Christmas so I haven't had a chance to go through all of them. Here are just a few from each house we visited. On Christmas morning we always wake up at George's parents house, then go to my Granny Dunham's house and then to Granny Scott's house. Also on Christmas eve we do an ornament exchange with the Frounfelker's and this year we exchanged gifts with Aunt Kathy the day after Christmas. It was really busy! Of course, Emma got waaay too much stuff but it has been a blast playing with all of the new toys. Some of her favorite gifts include a princess pop up tent, her kitchen, Corolle doll with crib and high chair, keyboard, princess dress up clothes, princess golf clubs, and so much more that I can't remember right now. Do you see a trend of princess things?? Thank you everyone for such a wonderful Christmas and it was so fun to visit with all of our family.

Here is Mr. Ikey on Christmas morning!

We shut the door on the kiddos so we could get our cameras/video cameras ready. Here they are walking in for the first time...
Checking out the gifts...
Emma is so excited!
Graham and Ikey got a drumset!
Emma opening her 1st gift...
Then she decided to help Graham with his gifts. He didn't want the help though!
Some of Emma's gifts
Emma opening her keyboard from Ru-Rus!
Aunt Beth got Emma lots of play dress up clothes! It all came in a cute little hamper that I love!
At Granny Dunham's house. Melica crocheted Emma a cute hat!
And Monya painted Emma a cute Giraffe picture for her bedroom. Awesome!
At Granny Scott's house. Uncle Chris put Emma in this huge bag and she was not very happy!
Emma loves her new princess golf clubs! She is rather dangerous though so watch out!
And last but not least a cute picture on Granny's stairs.

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