Friday, January 16, 2009

15 Things About Emma

For those of you who don't interact with Emma on a daily basis, you are missing out! She is so funny and makes George and me laugh all the time. She's got her daddy's awesome personality and her mommy's stubborness. I hope to post some new video soon. George and I have been sick ALL week long so we've been lounging around all week. So here are some things that Emma has been doing...enjoy!

1. Emma can sing the ABC song and wow, it is the sweetest thing ever!!

2. She randomly says to me "I love you" and all I can do is smile and try not to cry. :)

3. She is so maternal. She loves role playing with her babies by feeding them, burping, changing their clothes, diapers, etc.

4. Right now she loves to sing the Wheels on the Bus

5. She insist on being naked and likes to sneak her diaper off! She HATES wearing clothes right now.

6. She's becoming very independent. She wants to do everything herself including making her own chocolate milk, getting out her silverware, etc and gets upset if you try to help her.

7. Her favorite shows are Super Why! and Elmo.

8. I think she could eat chocolate all day and night.

9. She can spell her name.

10. She likes to say the colors of everything. For example, at the dr office she'll go through the lobby naming all the chairs colors and then do the tiles on the floor. She is so excited about colors!

11. She likes to talk on the phone...her conversations are like this "Hey, what's up? Ok love you, bye!" She listens to me way too much!

12. At the grocery store I always say "excuse me" when walking in front of someone in the aisle so now Emma does this. She will go "excuse us" and the person will stop and look at us and start smiling. She's so smart.

13. She is a complete mommy's girl. Daddy is not allowed to do anything for her or she will whine and scream and say "mommy do it!" It is very frustrating for both George and me.

14. Whenever we put her to bed and leave her room she will say numerous times "mommy, where are you? Where'd you go?" in this cute little girly voice. She will go through the whole family including Braxton and Lily asking these questions.

15. Last week I wrote her middle name "Grace" on her erase board and she started screaming "NO MOMMY" repeatedly and crying. Then she started saying "E" and wanted me to spell her first name Emma. That's the only word she wants you to write.

Bonus-she now knows her left and right hands/feet!

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