Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Sweet Girl

So Emma is the sweetest little thing ever. She is so loving and is constantly loving on her dolls or whatever else she can find. She will even pretend that her blanket is crying and then she will snuggle up to it and say "don't cry blanket" in this cute little voice. It just melts my heart.

So today we had breakfast with a guy George works with and his wife. Afterwards Emma and I were driving to get the oil changed and the sun was so bright in Emma's eyes. She was squinting and just having a hard time watching her Pooh and Tigger DVD. Then out of nowhere she says "I'm sorry Pooh", "I love you Tigger" and I just looked back at her and smiled. She was apologizing to Pooh for not being able to watch him and for the sun being in Pooh's eyes. How sweet is that? She is just so thoughtful and caring. Gotta love the Princess!

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