Sunday, January 18, 2009

ENT Update

On Friday Emma went back to the ENT about her sinus issues. Luckily she has been better and I think the Nasonex has played a huge role in that. Since she was better he said lets skip the CT scan. But after examing her throat the dr said that Emma has some huge tonsils! I had noticed them before and thought they were rather large but since noone else ever mentioned them I just kind of forgot about it. After looking at her tonsils Dr. Castillo also asked me how does Emma sleep at night. Before I could answer he goes on to ask "does she toss and turn constantly and wake up, etc? I was like that is exactly how she sleeps! The girl can't get comfortable and sometimes she snores. Most of the time she wakes up 2 times a night too. So then he ask "have you tried putting her in your bed to sleep?" I told him we have several times but she still tosses and turns and is just a crappy sleeper. He goes on to tell me he thinks her tonsils are the problem. She isn't able to get into a REM sleep and is possibly having a hard time breathing. We talk about it for a bit and he says he has no doubts that a tonsillectomy will benefit her. He says we can either do it now or wait until she is 3. He also wants to remove her adenoids and do a sinus irrigation. So after just having my tonsils removed back in July this was alot to take in! He said the only negative thing to doing the surgery now is when they are 2 they don't comprehend that they must drink liquids and take the pain meds in order to feel better. When she is around 3 she will understand better. He said we can expect to stay 1 night at least in the hospital and depending on how she is doing it might be more. They worry about her becoming dehydrated. So as of right now George and I have made the decision to go ahead with the surgery soon and just get it out of the way. We can always change our minds up until the morning of surgery. Tomorrow the ENT nurse is suppposed to call me regarding the surgery dates and I've got a few questions to ask so I'll keep everyone updated!

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