Friday, January 23, 2009

Nice Weather for the Park!

Today turned out to be a nice day besides the wind, so I took Emma to the park! We love Dublin park in Madison and went there several times last summer. As you can tell from the pictures below, Emma's favorite thing is swinging. I couldn't get her out of the swings this morning! Finally she got down and we got to slide and climb on the fort. It felt so good to get out and enjoy the outside.

Look at that cute smile!

Playing some music.

Emma climbed all the way up here with Mommy and then she wanted to slide down all by herself! So mommy slid down on the other slide so I could watch her and take a picture.


Almost to the bottom! That was fun!

And showing that mean old alligator who's boss!

Thanks for looking!

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

I found your blog through Amy's. You have a precious little girl and looks like ya'll had a great time at the park!! Im so ready for spring to be here! Have a great wknd!