Thursday, July 23, 2009

The End/Beginning of A New Chapter!

Well today was my last day of work and Emma's last day of daycare. Surprisingly my day went by really fast and it was filled with coworkers stopping by my cubicle saying their goodbyes. I also didn't cry until I got in the car and headed over to Emma's school. I'm really sad about leaving such a great workplace but I'm also sad that Emma had to say goodbye to all of her friends/teachers. Even though she has a hard time going to school sometimes, she still loves her friends and talks about them alot. But now we will be together again and that makes it all better! Plus our little trip to Orlando in the morning has lifted my spirits. :)

George and I met at Emma's school around 3:15pm and took cupcakes for all the little munchkins. Those kids were so excited when they saw cupcakes they immediately started asking for one and telling me what color icing they wanted. It was so stinking cute! I got to participate in their little prayer and it melted my heart. I just wanted to squeeze every single one of them!

So before I hit the sack (I'm exhausted!) here are a few pics from Em's last day of school at Primrose Research Park. Not only are we going to miss our friends but we will also miss the wonderful director, Kimberly, and the assistant director, Christy. They have helped Emma with her nebulizer everyday for the past 5 months and they have been so wonderful. I will truly miss them!

I promise Mrs. Kimberly wasn't hurting Emma but she thought I was going to leave her. It was so cute in a sad way but had to share! When she's older she will laugh about this pic I'm sure.

And Mrs. Christy! Her 4.5 year old boy was a preemie and has been on asthma meds forever so she knows all about the nebulizer and beating Emma on the back. So incredibly sweet!

Daddy and his princess

Funny face Emma Bemma!

She has that innocent look going on. I think she was up to no good!

Mommy and her fav princess! So proud of my big girl!

So it has been a crazy busy day and tomorrow will be filled with traveling. I'm about to go to bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep for my loooong drive tomorrow. I'll be back in a week with tons of pictures!!!

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Stacy of SaraRoseTutus and BusyMommyProductReview said...

I can't believe how big she is. And those pics of her crying broke my heartinde