Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going to Orlando!

Yes, you read that right! My last day in the office is officially next Thursday and on Friday Emma and I will make the long drive to Orlando to vacation with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and granny Scott. When Kelsey said yesterday I could just pack my bags and go they probably didn't realize I would really go but I've been so excited it's like Christmas! :) The timing couldn't be better b/c George has a really busy week at work that week so he won't even miss us. The only problem is Emma and I will have to drive back approximately 11 hours all by ourself but hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm actually more worried about myself over Emma b/c I've never driven that far alone! We can do it though!

So thanks to my Uncle John and Aunt Starlena for letting me kind of invite myself and my 2.5 year old on their relaxing vacation. We promise to hopefully not drive you crazy and no tantrums will be thrown! :) Emma is going to have a blast and maybe we'll get to venture over to the Magic Kingdom/Universal Studios for the day. Yay for trips!!!

Now lets just keep her healthy over this next week so we can go. Emma, now is really NOT the time to get sick my little princess!

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