Monday, July 20, 2009

"Here I Not, Here I Come!"

A couple of weeks ago we taught Emma how to play hide and go seek. It is officially her favorite game. She could play for hours and be happy! So on Friday night we played for quite awhile and when it was Emma's turn to count she would say "Here I not, here I come!" and it was so cute. She had heard me say "ready or not, here I come" and got her words mixed up.

She's also a master hider. She will sit so still and be so quiet it's hard to find her. While I was counting George would hide Emma and I thought she would be scared hiding in the dark by herself but she never was. At one point she was in our dark closet hiding behind my jeans under a shelf. I had walked in and didn't see her and then couldn't find her in our bedroom. George said she was in our room somewhere so I finally found her in the closet and she was just sitting there so still! It just cracks me up to see how excited she gets when we play. I'm looking forward to another game tonight!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed having our windows open all day at the house. I'm gearing up for my last day of work this Thursday and looking forward to lots of playtime with Miss Emma. Only 4 more days!

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