Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emma's 2nd Chest X-Ray

Emma did her repeat chest x-ray and I just talked to the nurse. Apparently her x-ray looks exactly the same as it did last Thursday. :( So since Dr. Dudley's mom passed away she has been out of the office most of the week and won't be back until Monday. For now we are going to wait until Monday and see what she wants to do. We are going to finish up both antibiotics and then just continue her nebulizer and continue "beating" her. Just kidding, we do back compressions, not actually beating her. :) I also mentioned that Emma has completely stopped coughing since we started the Bactrum and no fever since last week so that's good. However they had thought she would cough more when all the mucous broke up in her lungs so that's confusing. So for now we'll do our not so favorite nebulizer and see what the game plan is on Monday. She better get healthy for our trip...maybe I should talk to her about it tonight. :)

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