Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update on Emma

This morning she had her sinus and chest x-ray and did very well with Daddy. She had to stand on a stool all by herself while they did it and daddy said she wanted him to hold her but hecouldn't and she stood there like a big girl! That made mommy happy since I wasn't there. Then I met them both at Dr. Dudley's office for the results. Apparently Miss Emma has an Atelectic lung or something along those lines. Her lung is not inflating all the way so that's why she's been coughing so much for a month! Dr. Dudley also thinks thats why she keeps spiking fevers. So now she is on Augmentin for the ear infection and Bactrium (sp?) for the lung issue. She will take both medicines for 10 days and they also drew blood out of her poor little arm. It was very sad and quite pitiful but she is so strong and such a trooper. Three nurses came in the room to help b/c noone wanted to poke her precious little skin. The finally decided to take the blood out of her arm and she did so well. Yes, she did cry and it broke my heart but what do you do? I would gladly give them my blood but they didn't want it. :( The dr is checking her immunoglobulins & IgA to see if she has a low immune system and I can't remember if they were checking anything else. They did recheck her white blood count and it was elevated but she didn't tell me the exact number. When they checked it 2ish weeks ago it was also elevated. So we should get the results in the morning and Dr. Dudley said she really doesn't think the test will come back bad but she just wants to rule everything out. Emma obviously has a hard time recovering from sickness and she started this last sickness a whole month ago. But on the bright side her sinus x-ray did look clear so that's a positive! Oh and they gave her a cup of M&m's for being such a big girl during the blood draw! :)

I'll will update with the results as soon as I know something.

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

so sorry Emma is having such a tough time... bless her little heart! Hope she's feeling all better real soon and Im sure its gonna help that you get to be back home with her again!