Monday, July 6, 2009

We Miss You Monya and Melica!

I know I haven't blogged in about 5 years but we've been busy and I've been lazy. We kept Emma out of school all last week so she could recover from her cold and Judy stayed the week with us so we could do that without missing more work. It's hard being a working momma! So that's my excuse. :)

On Friday afternoon we took off to Nashville to stay with our awesome cousins Monya and Melica. They are growing up so fast and turning into beautiful young ladies. They are also the most well behaved girls ever! Monya is officially 13 but she is the sweetest teenager and Melica is now 11. Soon they will be off to college! Just kidding Aunt Marsha!

Emma had a blast playing with the girls and since we had to cancel Emma's bday party this year (due to tonsillectomy) Aunt Marsha had an Elmo cake for her and she opened presents! The chocolate Elmo cake was so yummy! Emma did a great job opening her presents too. She's much more into it these days than at Christmas...I can only imagine the fun she will have this Christmas. Anywho, we had a wonderful 4th with my family and even got to see Granny Dunham and Uncle Arnold. Thanks for having us Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jim! As usual, we had the best time!!! We are looking forward to your visit this weekend!

My girls! Emma was patiently waiting to stick her finger into the cake!

Success!!! She kept asking to stick her finger in it.

Getting excited about her new books!!!

Talented Monya has painted Emma a few canvases for her room and we love them. For her birthday she painted her an Abby Cadabby picture from Sesame Street b/c Emma loves her! Isn't this awesome??

And precious Melica is amazing at crocheting! For Christmas she made Emma a scarf and for her birthday she made this bunny. I LOVE it!!! I have some very gifted cousins! Oh and she got a cute little purse too. I love handmade gifts so much. It means a lot that they took the time to create these gifts.

We were very sad to leave but we shall see them again this weekend as they travel to Huntsville. Thanks girls so much for all of the fun and laughter. We always love visiting you and wished you lived closer!!!

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