Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Round of Augmentin

We took Emma back to the ENT today b/c she just can't seem to get better and it has been about a month now. George and I have been rather stressed with her sickness and juggling our work schedules. So turns out Emma has an ear infection. About 3 wks when we took her to the pedi she did have fluid in her ears but it wasn't quite an infection. So we waited about 1.5 wks and then they started the 10 day Augmentin. Apparently that fluid never cleared up so now it is slightly infected. So now onto another 1o day dose of Augmentin! Also, her cough has been really bad and she is still spiking fevers in the middle of the night so in the morning she is having a chest x-ray and a sinus x-ray to see if there is a problem. This all takes place at 7:30am and then off to Dr. Dudley's at 9am to go over the results. Dr. Castillo (ENT) will also read the x-rays and call us and Dr. Dudley. We talked about a few options today but basically we have to see what the x-rays say before we can know exactly what's wrong. Since I'm pregnant I can't be in the room with her so George is taking her. Emma does NOT do well with x-rays or CT scans at all so it's going to be a challenge for daddy. We thought it would be best that I'm not there at all otherwise she would want mommy and make things worse. Hopefully I will have a good update tomorrow evening!

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Blondie said...

I hope things are going to be better soon. Please call us if you need anything. We'll actually be home (fingers crossed) for the next 2 weekends.