Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Week So Far...

We have been busy girls this week so far! Gabby and her sweet friend Marilyn came down on Monday and are going home tomorrow morning. We've had so much fun visiting them and eating lots of yummy food! So far since Monday night we've gone to Rosie's, Tommy's Pizza, Bruster's Ice Cream, Outback, and Starbucks. Can you tell we love to eat?? :)

Emma's had a blast having people in the house and I'm sure she will be so sad when they leave in the morning. However, next week Aunt Marsha, Monya, and Melica are coming next week and Aunt Beth and the boys are coming down. We love some company!

Recently Emma has been all about dressing up in her princess dresses. A few minutes ago she put this purple dress on over her pj's with Gabby and I just had to take a picture! What a beautiful little princess!

Last night Gabby, Marilyn, and I went to Target after Rosie's and George brought Emma home. I came home and George had taken this pic of Emma with her babies. She carries them around all the time and it's just so sweet. I don't know how she is holding all of them!

Saturday one of our dear friends, Carmen, gave Emma a present and we brought it home and opened it on Sunday morning. She got Emma a cute cute outfit that is a skirt and 2 tops. Emma kept saying "beautiful" and wanted to try it on. I love the outfit to death! Thanks Carmen and Paul!!!

These pics are backwards but here is Emma opening the gift. Oh and it came in the cutest most adorable little lion bag. Carmen is so very thoughtful!

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already! Our weeks are just flying by and I can't believe that Hudson will be here in less than 10 wks! Wowsers!

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