Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hudson's First Visit to L&D!

We had a little excitement in our house last night but luckily everything seems to be okay.

I had been laying on the couch watching tv last night and decided I would check my blood pressure since I hadn't checked it in a couple of days. The doctor has me check at home just to be safe. Anyways, checked it once and it was 146/93 so I got a little concerned due to the bottom number. Then I waited about 10 minutes or so and checked it again and it was 168/91 so I immediately called the doctor. It was my dr's partner on call so he said go straight to labor & delivery and let them check me out. That's when the panic starts to kick in. :( Brings back way too many memories of Emma's pregnancy b/c Dr. Conrad was the dr on call that horrible Sunday night that my blood pressure was about the same. So we all loaded up around 9pm and headed downtown. They got me back very quickly and hooked me up. Luckily it was down to around 138/91 and continued to go down really low over the next hour or so. It was actually super duper low for me so that's weird but at least it didn't get any higher. They also checked my urine and it was negative for protein. We got to hear Hudson's heartbeat for awhile and that was reassuring. Of course he was kicking me like crazy last night (probably from the 3 pieces of cake I had eaten!) so I knew he was okay. I also got to have my cervix checked for the 1st time ever and let me tell you, that was NOT fun! It hurt like crazy and I'm just glad I have a nice cervix. :) Don't want them doing that again.

Anyways, sometime around 11:30 they let me go home and I have my next OB appt on Tuesday. I have no idea why my blood pressure shot up like that and then went down so low but I'm happy it did. Our sweet nurse was so kind and efficient and I have to say I've always had such a great experience at Huntsville Hospital.

So for now I'll just wait until Tuesday and talk to Dr. Cimino about all of this. Baby Hudson is NOT being evicted yet. Don't even try it little man! :)

Also, my amazing girlfriends in Huntsville threw me a terrific shower yesterday for Hudson and he got TONS of stuff. I've got lots of pics and I'll show some later today. Let me just say we now have around 20 packages of diapers and so many cute clothes I'm getting really excited. :)

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