Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 31 Week Appointment

Yesterday I had my 31 wk appointment. After 2 hours 15 minutes Emma and I were finally out of there! I hate it when it takes that long but at least Emma was very well behaved.

Everything looked great. Blood pressure was good at 142/84 (I believe), no protein in urine, heartbeat was 143 and now I need to call and get registered at the hospital. I also asked him about when to schedule the actual c-section date even though it's at 38 weeks. After a few minutes we never actually set the date in stone. He doesn't seem so sure that I'll make it to 38 wks. It was rather funny talking about it so I guess we'll wait till it gets a little closer and then set the date in stone. Now I go back in 2 weeks on November 9th! The weeks are just flying by and I think about it nonstop. I'm so anxious and excited to meet baby Hudson!

Nothing much to report these past several days. Yesterday since it was almost 5pm when I left the dr, we met George at Rosie's for dinner. After sitting at the booth for a few minutes I noticed a Westin bag! :) You see where this is going right? I could get massages 24 hours a day and be happy. That's what I always ask for at Christmas/birthday and George is really good about treating me. Well over the weekend I commented to him that I haven't had a prenatal massage yet and so he went yesterday and got me a prenatal massage to the Westin! Very excited! I'm thinking I might schedule it for this weekend. :) Oh and he also had me a big chocolate dipped apple from the Chocolate Crocodile and 2 chocolate dipped Oreos b/c those are two things that I love from that store. What a great husband I have!

Well Emma is wanting me to play right now but maybe I'll post some new pics later today or tomorrow. Happy rainy cold Tuesday!

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