Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Emma's Drawing

So I know this may not be anything special but to this mommy it is. Emma has always had a knack for anything artsy-painting, drawing, coloring, etc. I've always been amazed at how much control she has at such a young age. But as I said, it could just be my mommy goggles. :)

Anyways, back on September 22nd, Emma and I went to lunch with my old NG coworkers. I took lots of papers and markers so she would stay busy and not create a scene at the restaurant. As I was talking I looked over and she hands me this sheet of paper where she drew her famous smiley face. I was shocked! She has always loved drawing smiley faces but I was just so shocked to see this picture. I was a very proud mommy! She's only 2.5 and I just never imagined a 2 year old being able to draw so well. She must get it from her mommy. :)

Here it is...please ignore the crease in it. It got folded up.

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