Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glucose Test & Recent Fun

Wow, I can't believe it's already the last day of September! Even though I'm sad to see summer go, I absolutely love this time of year. Especially with me being pregnant I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures. :)

Today I saw my OB for my glucose test and it wasn't that bad. I'm one of those people that wakes up starving every morning so for me to have to wait until almost 10am to eat I thought I might die. But it wasn't bad at all and the fruit punch drink wasn't too terribly bad. The good news is that although I have been swelling some, I had no protein in my urine, no glucose in my urine, blood pressure was fine, and well we just won't talk about my weight gain (eek!). Dr. Cimino was very happy with my results and my glucose test should be fine. He said they would call me in the next couple of days if I failed it. Now for the good part. I get to start my 2 week visits! He said "normal" women wouldn't start them yet but he wants to keep an eye on me so I'm super happy to go in every 2 weeks. We will probably do another u/s at some point but he wasn't sure when just yet. Hudson was great and had a heartbeat of 150. He was all over the place and even kicked the dopplar straight on at the end. It was so funny! It actually made me jump he kicked so hard. I love when that happens. :) So for now I'm taking it easy until October 13th which is my next appointment.

Other exciting news...we finally got a front loader washer & dryer with steam yesterday! I <3 washing clothes! I've been talking about getting one for months now but with so many to choose from and they are rather expensive it just gave me so much anxiety thinking about it. I had made my mind up that we were going with a Samsung but then Bob Wallace had a great sale on Whirlpool that I just couldn't pass up so that's what we got. So far it is awesome. I was a little disappointed yesterday b/c the first time I went to use it one of the numbers on the display bar has a light out. I was a little bummed b/c after spending so much money you expect everything to be perfect but anywho, they are ordering a new display piece and we'll get it fixed. I do have to say it is so much more quiet than our old school set and I love that!

Also, Emma is now fully potty trained (except at night) & it is AWESOME! She's been trained since last Wednesday and she now goes all by herself as long as the stool is in place. Yesterday she started telling me to go stand in the kitchen b/c she wanted to do it all by herself. I like to stand right there with her though b/c I'm afraid she's going to fall or something. George and I are so proud of her and it is just another part of her growing up. :(

Since I haven't posted pictures in awhile I took a couple tonight of her riding her tricycle. She is now the master pedal pusher and can even steer in the right direction!

Love this face! And you can see her mega long eye lashes. We still get oohs and aahs over those babies everywhere we go! It cracks me up.

And last but not least our newest family member. I think I'll name them Sally & Susie. We are quickly becoming best friends. :)

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Amy said...

What great news - about the baby and Emma's potty training!!