Friday, September 18, 2009

Yummy! (Link to Recipes)

So today on one of my favorite blogs everyone is sharing a recipe. I don't know about ya'll but I am always looking for something new to cook. The easier the better! I seem to always do the same things-grilled chicken, roast, cereal!, taco soup in the fall, etc. Weeeeeell, thanks to today's post over at Kelly's Korner I have lots of new yummy recipes to choose from! I just had to share. So hop on over there and check out what people are making. I'm already making a casserole for tonight that I've been dying to make but I've got lots of chicken breast in the freezer just waiting for next weeks meals. :)

In other news, I am now at 26 weeks!!! Can you believe it? In case you don't know Emma was born at 26 weeks and even though she is growing like a weed and healthy, it is still such a hard week for me. I've been looking forward to/dreading this week my whole pregnancy and now it is here. It's all I can seem to think about right now and at times it gets me all emotional and I do the ugly cry. :) But as of right now this pregnancy is going great and there is no reason I can't make it to 38 wks and get big & plump. :) I go back to the doctor in 1.5 weeks and I'm thinking about asking for an ultrasound just so I can check on Mr. Hudson and make sure he isn't partying too hard in my tummy. Sometimes with all of his crazy kicking I think he's having too much fun in there. Last week I started noticing when he kicks really hard that my whole belly moves! I LOVE IT! I could sit and stare at my belly for hours. Oh and according to the baby websites Hudson should be somewhere around 2 lbs now. With Emma only being 1 lb it just blows me away to think he's already 2 lbs! I keep saying I going for a 10 lber this time!

Sorry no pics right now. Emma and I actually went home to TN Sunday through Wednesday and even though I took my camera we did not take one picture! Maybe this weekend I'll get some new ones. This weekend is actually one of our 1st weekends in a long time that we have absolutely nothing to do. It feels good! So in honor of it today Emma is in her big girl Zoe panties and we are attempting the whole potty training thing again. At least Daddy will be home tomorrow & Sunday to help. Wish us luck!

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