Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gigi's Cupcakes!

I almost forgot that on Thursday I finally tried Gigi's cupcakes here in Huntsville! I had heard about them from another blog (where all my info comes from b/c I have no life) and just had to try them out. I waited over a week and finally had an excuse on Thursday to go to the hospital foundation and then hop on over to Gigi's.


Those babies are good! The girls were so so nice when we walked in and I was in heaven. One of the girls asked me if I wanted a list or if she could go over the different cupcakes with me and I had to tell her "no, I've already done my research!" She laughed at me. I ended up with 2-one with nothing but chocolate and a wedding cake cupcake. Deeeelicious! I just hate to know how many calories are in one of those sweet things! :)

I actually came home and ate the chocolate one all by myself. Emma had stressed me out with a crazy bad temper tantrum in public and when I get stressed, I EAT! I even had horrible heartburn but I was determined to enjoy my cupcake while she was napping. I shared the wedding cake one with G and Emma after dinner that night and G thought it had too much icing. You definitely have to eat them with a fork. I was very pleased with the taste and will be going back for more BUT not all the time. For one, it is all the way across town and two, those have got to be bad for me. :) Maybe after I pass my glucose test I can have another one...

If you haven't checked them out you should all head over there b/c they come in cute little boxes too. They are near the hospital on Whitesburg near the Steak Out. You won't be disappointed!

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