Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sesame Street Live!

Last night was our night out to see Elmo and all of his friends. We had great seats in the 2nd row on the floor! Lots of the characters would come out and interact with the kids and Emma liked that. She did great throughout the show until the very end. Zoe (who is her fav!) was coming out into the crowd and dancing with the kids in front of us. Well Emma thought it was her turn to go play with Zoe and got really upset when she couldn't go up to her and say hi/play. It was rather pitiful! I think she remembers at Disney/Universal that we got to go up to the characters and hug them and take a picture so she didn't understand that we couldn't do that last night. Although other kids did run up to them we didn't let Emma so she ended up and threw a major fit. She cried as we walked out of the Von Braun and George was carrying her. She then started screaming crying saying she wanted her mommy but I couldn't carry her all the way to the car. So I tried my best to ignore her while George wrestled her and of course we felt like everyone was staring at us. :) When we got to the car G said he was never going to another Sesame Street show until Emma was 18. :) Emma calmed down for a few minutes and then she was so tired that she cried for Mommy while halfway asleep in her carseat for most of the ride home. Poor thing needed mommy to hold her and put her to bed. But we still had fun! We managed to get through the show without having to buy any balloons or cotton candy so that was awesome. She never even asked for it.

Daddy and Emma before the show.

Mommy and Emma

Emma's favorite Zoe!

Zoe and the little girl in front of us were dancing. So cute!

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Amy said...

Poor thing!! AC was also getting put out that other kids were getting to give the characters high fives and she wasn't. Of course, when Grover did come to her she screamed and ran off. Go figure!

btw, I figured out why we didn't see you. We went Tuesday night! Glad it went well and Emma had fun!! (until the end :)