Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awesome Potty Day Today!

Well folks, today has been one awesome day for Emma on the potty. It's amazing what will put you in the best mood when you have a 2 year old! I'm seriously on cloud nine and hopefully tomorrow will be just as wonderful.

First off, Emma held her pee for approximately 12 hours today and didn't go potty until 12:30pm! I couldn't believe it. But thankfully when she did go pee pee it was in the potty! Yippee skippeeeee! Then about an hour later she went potty again! Then about 30 minutes after that she had a poopy accident but that was okay with me. We were on a great roll and I was determined to stay positive. Surprisingly around 4:30 we were about to leave to go have dinner at G's work so I wanted her to potty before we left and SHE DID! Oh my goodness can you believe it??? So...then we get home a little while ago and she goes potty for the 4th time today on her potty! (inserts screaming time here) I just can't believe it. It has taken a handful of M&Ms each time but hey she is her momma's girl. I just couldn't be happier right now. Now tomorrow is a different story but I'm going to be positive. :) So far this has been our best potty day and maybe, just maybe we are on a roll. Go Emma!

Okay here is the potty princess on our way to daddy's work. We had to take her blanket, Zoe, and Abby. She's been cracking me up today with her babies. We have the entire Sesame Street collection of plush dolls and all of the Disney plush characters. Well we've been carrying them ALL around today from room to room. It's so funny to see her try and pick them all up. There's probably 15 of those things. She would have taken them all with us to daddy's work if I would've let her. Silly girl!

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