Monday, September 7, 2009

Ashli and BJ's Wedding!

Well Ashli and BJ are on a plane to Mexico for the next 10 days! I wish I was in their suitcase!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful on Lake Guntersville and we all had such a wonderful time. At first I was a little worried yesterday b/c it rained ALL day long but as soon as we got to the Lodge it magically stopped raining. :) We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Remember how I was so worried about Emma having a terrible 2 meltdown or possibly even WWIII?? Well I was worried for NO reason! Emma was an absolute doll for both the rehearsal dinner and for the wedding! George and I were so ecstatic that she behaved so well and had no terrible 2 meltdowns. It was truly a miracle! For those of you with 2 year olds you know what I mean. There were over 100 people at the wedding and she was just so charming and sweet. We had so many compliments on how cute and great she was so I was one happy momma!

Now on to the pics!

Right before the ceremony Emma was cheesing it up!

We had lollipops and M&Ms on hand to keep her happy! (Oh and for future reference don't use M&Ms! Next time I will load up on Smartie candy!)

Up close and personal!

The cutest flower girl I've ever seen walking down the aisle. She only threw a couple of flowers b/c they had rose petals all down the aisle. Emma being the dainty princess that she is didn't want to walk on the rose petals! So she stepped over to the side and walked in the grassy part. It was too cute!

Keep on going Emma! I'm so proud of her! Such a proud mommy.

Both flower girls, Marin and Emma with the Matron of Honor Tiffany. Emma stood up there for a few minutes and then made her way back to Mommy and Daddy.

Father of the Bride and Ashli! Wasn't she beautiful?

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Jennings! LOVE them both soooo much!

After the ceremony we did pictures with the photographer and then it was time for BBQ, cake, and punch! It was so nice and relaxing and we got to see lots of friends from college. Emma just played around and talked to everyone! She did make a BFF at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Her name was Ava and they are the same age. They had such a blast together and it just made the night so fun! They played so hard and jumped liked crazy. They kept hugging each other and Ava kept saying "Emma is my friend and I really like her!" Isn't that sweet? Too bad they live in Atlanta b/c we really hope to play with them again.

I ended up changing Emma's clothes during the reception and I'm glad I did. Look how dirty she is! She's got dirt/food all over her chin and her clothes are nasty. She took a fall at one point and her right pant leg is covered in mud. But she was still super cute! :)

Congrats to Ashli and BJ! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

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