Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"That's so pretty!"

Yesterday I sat Emma on the bathroom counter so I could put her hair in pigtails. She loves for mommy to fix her hair. So as I'm parting it and getting the rubber bands ready Emma says "that's so pretty!" I said "yes, you are very pretty" and she continued to say "that's so pretty" three times while I fixed her hair. At what point do I stop telling her how pretty she is? NEVER!

Also a couple of days ago I was putting her clothes on so we could go bye bye. After she was dressed she said "go see Emma" and I thought what in the world is she talking about. She runs into my bathroom so I go after her. She had climbed up onto the blue stool and was looking at herself in the mirror saying "cute!" She thought she looked cute! How sweet is she? I really love this stage she is in right now and all of the phrases she repeats. What a little sponge!

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