Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Almost 2 Year Old!!!

Today George and I celebrated Emma's 2nd birthday at home since she will be having her surgery in the morning. I had an Elmo cake made at Maggie Moo's and we stopped by Party City so I could get some balloons. Then on the way home we got McDonald's for lunch and came home to celebrate. I just can't believe that my 1 pound baby is almost 2! We have been so blessed and we are very lucky to have sweet Emma.

Some of her birthday balloons...she has a singing Elmo balloon and this huge Abby Cadabby balloon! We are taking them to the hospital with us.

Granny Scott and Pa got Emma some McD bucks so we used those for lunch today! Thanks!

Someone really loves her chicken nuggets and french fries!

Now on to the cake! George and I sang "Happy Birthday" to her and video taped it. She loves her cake!

At first she didn't know how to blow out her candles so mommy did it the first time. She also kept sticking her fingers in the red icing.

Trying to blow out the candles. I think we relit the candles 3 more times so she could blow them out herself. She kept saying "Emma try again?" and she wanted us to light them and let her blow them out. It was so sweet!

Finally had to take off her white shirt b/c it had red icing all over it! She also has red war paint on her head. My messy little eater!

I thought this was really cute!

Honestly I think she was more intrigued by the candles rather than the cake! Her ice cream cake kept melting and she just wanted to lick the candles. What kid doesn't want ice cream and cake? Not my child!

And the last time blowing out the candles.

I couldn't resist showing off her blue eyes!

We had a wonderful day. After we cleaned up the cake we all took a nap together and then played outside with the neighbors. Unfortunately Emma has also had a small cold so there is a possibility we will have to cancel the surgery. I did talk to the ENT doctor on call and he thinks she will be fine but if she gets worse tonight then we can cancel in the morning. Otherwise we will let the anesthesiologist listen to her tomorrow and go from there. I really hope we continue with the surgery b/c I just want it over with. So if the surgery does go on tomorrow I will update from my mother-in-law's laptop in the hospital room. Keep my birthday girl in your prayers!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

I will remember miss emma in my prayers, hope all goes well. Love the b-day pics!


Amy George said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Emma! Brandy, I will be praying for her - and you - tomorrow. Keep us updated!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Just checkin to see how today went, was thinking about ya'll.