Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Present Time & Update!

Miss Emma is still doing great! I really can't believe how well she has handled the recovery and how easy it has been! She has not been snoring anymore and so far she has been sleeping so much better. It has been amazing! No more tossing and turning and kicking mommy in the face. Hopefully it will stay this way! Also, I talked to the nurse at the ENT this morning and she said the sinus culture should be back this afternoon so I should know something later today if there is a bacteria growing. Other than that we've just been hanging around the house. Gabby is about to leave today and we are so sad. :( We've really enjoyed having her here to help out. Now on to the pics!

This was right when we got home from the hospital. I had mentioned earlier that we bought Emma ALL of the Sesame Street characters...well here she is carrying some of them around.

Emma got her 1st tricycle!!! Gabby and Ru-Rus got this for her 2nd birthday and she loves it! She will have a blast this summer riding it.

Love this pic!

Mommy finally took all of the plastic off.

Emma in her "little hat" as she calls it. Gigi and Pa got this for her several months ago and Emma loves putting it on. She'll just randomly get it and put it on her head and play around the house in it even with no clothes on!

That night Emma opened some of her other presents from Gabby & Ru-Rus, Aunt Kathy, and Graham & Isaac. She was more fascinated with the wrapping paper!

Finally opening a gift!

Wow, look what Aunt Kathy got her! Aunt Kathy is a doctor so of course Emma needed a doctor bag! She loves playing with the stethoscope.

Another gift from Gabby &'s a princess crown, mirror and wand to play in the bathtub!
And finally from the boys...a cute little ballerina that has interchangeable outfits. Emma LOVES this ballerina & the clothes are magnetic so it is easy to do. Thanks!

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Amy George said...

I'm so glad she is recovering so well! Looks like all those birthday presents probably helped :)