Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Playdate With Lindsey and Mandy!

Yesterday our friends Mandy and her 2 year old daughter Lindsey drove down from Chattanooga to play with us. We haven't seen them since last summer when we visited them so the girls have changed alot! Lindsey is about 6 weeks older than Emma and was born on December 30th. The funny thing is my birthday is Dec. 31st and Emma and Mandy share the same birthday of February 10th. Kind of cool!

Anyways, the girls had fun playing together and noone got a black eye or lost any teeth. Emma isn't used to sharing her toys so you never know what's going to happen. :) It was so good to visit with Mandy and I think the 2 of us could talk for days. They are both so incredibly sweet and we look forward to another visit. I'm hoping this summer to make a weekend trip to the aquarium and play at the fountains in downtown Chattanooga so we shall see them soon!

Before they left we had the girls hugging/kissing. This was right after the kiss. I was too slow with the camera.

A little hug action. Aren't they sweet?

Both girls took turns getting in the doll crib and it cracked me up. By the way, notice Emma's pants? Well I didn't realize it until later that she had a nasty disgusting diaper. Seriously, took these pics and never saw it until a few minutes later! Gross I know!

I love the way Lindsey is looking at me with those innocent eyes.

Playing in the kitchen. It's funny that when they pretend to eat the food, they actually put it in their mouth. Silly girls!

Remember the dress up clothes Aunt Beth got Emma for Christmas? Well sometimes Emma will put them on but most of the time she says "no!" I figure give her a few more months and she will love to dress up. Well Lindsey enjoyed putting on the princess dresses and shoes. The dresses actually fit her too! Lindsey is alot bigger than Emma at 31 lbs and several inches taller. That's a whole 10 lbs more!

And striking a pose in the purple dress. What a beautiful princess!

Thank you so much Mandy for driving down to play with us. We look forward to seeing you girls again soon!

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