Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Sad... :(

Mommy's been kind of down yesterday and today b/c I cancelled Emma's 2nd birthday party. We had planned on going home to TN tomorrow and then having a big family party on Saturday. Well with Emma's big surgery on Monday morning there is just too much sickness going around that Emma doesn't need to be exposed to. We can't afford to have her sick right before her surgery. The party wasn't anything big just an Elmo cake and family but I always look forward to a birthday celebration. Now we just plan on staying home and I might still get her a cake for us and let her blow out 2 candles. Of course, I can't forget the Elmo balloons! I will definintely have pictures and please keep Emma in your thoughts and prayers on Monday. She is having her tonsils/adenoids removed and a sinus irrigation. We will get a fun night at the Women and Children's hospital and should be coming home on Tuesday which is Emma's actual birthday. Poor baby! I just had my tonsils out back in July and it wasn't fun so I feel really bad for putting Emma through it. At least it will be done and over with and she will never remember it. :(

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

I will be praying for Miss Emma and her surgery!!! And maybe you could still have that b-day celebration in TN, just a few weeks late :)
Have a great weekend!