Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Emma's Week So Far...

Hasn't been too bad. On Monday she whined/cried for us at naptime and then only slept for 30 minutes. But I kind of expected that since she's in a new place. Then yesterday I picked her up at 1pm and as I was pulling in the parking lot the director called me. She said she had Emma up front with her b/c she was tired and crying for mommy. All of the other kids were sound asleep when we went to get her bag but Emma was sad. So then last night we go to the Little Gym which we've been doing for several months now, but we've missed the past 2 wks due to her surgery. Emma clung to me last night like it was her first time there. It was pitiful. She is terrified that mommy is going to leave her. So I'm just having a hard time dealing with this. But I know it will get better. :)

Now on to last night. Emma has had a cough ever since her tonsils came out. So last night around 10:30 I was in bed watching tv when her coughing sounded strange. Then it sounded like she was gagging so I screamed for George and we took off to her room. He picks her up and she's still coughing. All of a sudden she starts throwing up! Emma's first throw up! So we run to her bathroom and let her continue her business and it was pitiful. To see your tiny little 2 year in pain & not know what to do is just heartbreaking. :( After she was finished I changed her pj shirt b/c it got dirty in the action and then she wouldn't let me put a new shirt on her. So instead we got her blankie and I took her to bed with me while George slept on the couch. Emma slept good and woke up around 7:30 just as happy as could be! So we went back to school today.

Fast forward to this morning. It was definitely harder today. I took her by myself and she didn't want to go through the doors. It was tough. But we did get to see a NICU nurse, Shayna, that took care of her on nightshift. I love seeing our old nurses!! After a few minutes Emma finally grabbed my hand and we walked to her classroom. Once we got inside she started her "momma, momma, momma" phase and didn't want to let go. Finally Ms. Monica picked her up and Emma started crying until she took her to look outside at the playground. I just called to check on and the director said she had been crying off and on today. While they are doing an activity she is fine but once they stop she looks for mommy. So I'm dreading naptime. I told them to call me if they just can't get her down but I really need to her stay. They said they would rock her and stuff so hopefully that will work. Also, this morning the teacher said there was a virus going around the room and most of the kids had had it. It was vomitting/diarrhea so that could've been what Emma had. She did have the nastiest diaper I've ever seen/smelled yesterday afternoon so I'm sure she had a touch of it. Oh the joys of daycare!

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Awh, bless Emma's heart and yours too! I know its such a transition for her and you both right now. I remember when Sam first started MDO he was so clingy and would cry when I left, and it absolutely broke my heart! Sometimes I would just have to sit in the car for a minute after I left him and get myself together. Its hard but it will get better! Now hes ready every day for me to leave him at pre-k :( And as for the sickness, hopefully she wont catch everything that goes around but it will definitely build her immune system up before she has to go to school. Hope ya'll get to go enjoy the circus as well, and thanks for thinking about me and our procedure tomorrow!