Friday, February 27, 2009

THANK YOU Aunt Patsy & Uncle Dennis!

A few days ago I found a nice big box on our front door step. I had no idea what it was but it was addressed to Miss Emma. Inside were 3 presents and a cute ladybug birthday card! It was from our sweet Aunt Patsy & Uncle Dennis who live in New Mexico. So when Emma got home from school that night she was so excited to open her presents! She was so cute opening them b/c at first all she wanted to do was unwrap the ribbon and play with it. I had to make her open the actual present! So here are a few pictures of her opening the gifts. Thank you so much for everything!!! Emma LOVES her new coloring book/crayons, Thomas book, and Carebear blanket/book. :)

Untying the ribbon...

It's a Thomas train book!! She loves trains!

And a Carebear blankie! As soon as we opened it she layed down for a few minutes while I rubbed her back. She really likes it!

We miss you guys and really appreciate everything. We aren't sure what to buy with the money yet but we will take pics as soon as we do! :)

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