Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Weekend With My Grandparents!

As I mentioned before, Emma and I made the journey home all by ourself b/c I was antsy to see family. Emma did great on the way up but we did have to stop once for some M&Ms to finish the 2 hr 40 min drive. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the quietness of the car and Elmo!

On Saturday we headed over to Sparta to visit with my Granny Dunham, Uncle Arnold, Granny Scott, Pa, Damon, and Kelsey. We had a great visit but I wish we could spend more time with them b/c a couple of hours with each just isn't enough!

So first was Granny Dunham's house. Granny cooked us a yummy lunch (my 2nd that day) and let me tell you, the lady can make some goood chicken! I always love my Granny's chicken! Before left we took a few pics and here are two...

Uncle Arnold with Miss Emma on his shoulders! He used to always put me on his shoulders when I was little too. He's the greatest uncle ever!

Uncle Arnold, Emma, and my Granny! You see that rock behind them? I used to play on that rock for hours when I was little. I think it's holding that huge tree up. :)

Then it was on to my Granny & Pa Scott's house for some present time! Since we weren't able to have Em's bday party she still hadn't gotten her presents from them. She loves opening gifts!

Being delicate tearing the paper off...

The Little Mermaid movie!!! Mommy is excited about this!

An alphabet/number toy! Anything with letters/numbers and Emma loves it!

Whoa what could be in this huge box???

A giant stuffed bear!!! Emma LOVES this bear! It is bigger than her!

Thanks a million to both sets of great-grandparents for all of Emma's bday gifts and for feeding us lots of yummy food while we were there. My waistline thanks you too. :) Oh I should also add that Granny Dunham gave me a gift card to buy Emma some clothes for her bday. That is always nice! And from Starlena, John, and Kelsey she got $25, a Princess nightlight, and some candy. She LOVES the Princess nightlight b/c anything with Disney is awesome.
We had a wonderful time but much too short. We plan on going back home for Easter too so that will be fun. Keep checking back later this week for a few pics from Gabby & RuRus's house!

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