Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rough Day For Emma

So far this week work has been really easy for me b/c I've just been doing the initial work stuff like training, getting passwords, etc. Not too bad! Well since George has taken & picked Emma up from school the past two days I decided to drop her off this morning. I got up & showered around 5:20am (waay too early!) and when I got out at 5:30am Emma started waking up. I know this will soon become her morning wake up time even on the weekends and I dread it! Anyways, we left for school this morning and had a nice ride. That all ended once we pulled into the Primrose parking lot. She immediately started saying "no mommy" repeatedly and saying "stay in mommy's car." It broke my heart. :( Then I tried to unbuckle her and she fought me & was saying "buckle up Emma." Finally I managed to get her arms out only to have her brace her feet on her DVD player so I struggled to get her out and bumped her head on the car. Don't worry it wasn't a bad bump but still it was no fun struggling with her. I carried her in and it was only 6:30ish at this point & her teacher had just walked in the door. Emma cried hysterically the whole way to her classroom with tears & snot & then started coughing alot. So I walked around her room looking at her artwork (which was amazing) and then I had her laughing. I thought "ok, things are looking up!" Um no. I tried to take her jacket off and the crying started again. Ms. Monica finally had to take her from me and show her the playground outside. She kept looking back for me and I blew her a kiss & Ms. Monica said "let's watch for mommy's car." She started to calm down but who knows for how long. So needless to say, not a great way to start your morning. :) I always call & check on her once or twice a day & it makes me feel a little better. I called today around 11:45 and the sweet girl said Emma was crying. Come to find out they had been playing on the playground and it was time to come in for lunch and Emma didn't want to come in! She loves to play outside! And once again, only a 20 minute nap. I don't know how long it will take her to nap normally at school. I did get to pick her up today at 5pm and she was so excited to see me. She was crying when I got there but perked right up and said "that's my mommy!" Then she says "see ya everybody!" and the teacher started laughing. She said Emma says that all the time! What a little character.

As soon as we got home everything went sour. I think she was so tired and hungry she didn't know what to do. The girl has been eating like an elephant this week and we were so amazed at everything she's ate today! Must be another growth spurt! After several crying/temper tantrums she was sound asleep by 8:30pm. Whew what a day! Since coming home tonight I've washed 3 loads of laundry and put away, cooked dinner, washed dishes and ran dishwasher, took the trash out, cleaned my car out, and a few other things. Mommy is tired. Hopefully the routine will get easier soon. Luckily I have Friday off!!! I'm so excited!

One last thing...Emma went to the pulmonologist yesterday and received another Synagis shot. She gets her last one March 31st. George took her and I think it was my first time missing an appt. So sad. But they did just fine. She is also continuing her Pulmnicort awhile longer but not sure how much longer.

Oh and today I got the postcard in the mail for the NICU Preemie Party!!! I can't wait! It is on March 28th from 10-12pm and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. I wish it lasted all day! We will get to show Emma off, see NICU friends, nurses & doctors. I'm also curious to see if Emma was the smallest baby in 2007. I think there was another baby smaller before she went home but not everyone can say they had a 1 lb 7 oz baby!

Well I'm off to watch LOST and enjoy some quiet time before bed. Pics to come!

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