Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Very Happy With the Insurance Company!

Last Tuesday when George took Emma to the pulmonologist the lady told him we owe around $500. George didn't know what it was from but paid $250 & said we'll pay the rest later. So when he tells me this I was stunned! I've been to the office several times and noone has mentioned owing them any money and we haven't received a bill from them in a long time. So since I'm off today I decided to find out what's going on & why I owe them so much money. Turns out our insurance pays 90% of the Synagis shots and even though we've met our deductible we still owe the 10%. I guess I just thought after I paid the $40 copay and the fact we've met our deductible that we wouldn't owe anything else...WRONG! Apparently we owe almost $260 per shot and Emma gets 4 of these shots! That turns out to be OVER $1,000!!! Holy moly batman! I'm so glad I'm working and I know what my 1st paycheck will go to. :( Do you ever feel like you pay so much just to have insurance and then you get stuck paying thousands of dollars anyway? The past 2 years we have payed almost $7000 in medical expenses/prescriptions and it looks like this year will be the same. I also don't feel that great today so at the end of the phone call with insurance I started crying. Don't get me wrong, we can pay the money but it just sucks to have to pay it. :(

Also, I had big plans to sleep in this morning since I don't have to work. Well at 12:30 last night Braxton had to go outside so I got up and took him out. I fall back asleep and Emma comes in a few hours later. I don't know what happened but she was upset at some point and was kicking me & being fussy. Then at 5:30am I woke up with the worst leg cramps ever! It was my right calf muscle and I wanted to scream. After several seconds it finally got better. So I took a couple of deep breaths & hoped to fall back asleep. Within seconds my leg cramped up again and I had to wake George up. Of course that woke Emma up too. My leg is better now but it is extremely sore when I walk on it. I know it's from wearing those high heels this week! My legs & feet are used to that anymore. So now my goal is to buy more dress pants and have them altered to wear flat shoes. That way I don't have to wear heels everyday. What a rough morning! Also, Emma and I have been coughing quite a bit this morning. Ok, I'm done whining. :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'm ready for some sunshine. Oh it's also the weekend to spring forward on our clocks. Yay!


Merissa said...

From a leg cramp sufferer here's my trick to relieving the cramp fast without the soreness and pain that usually follow.....

When you feel the cramp coming on, flex your foot up towards the ceiling. This has helped me tons. I'll usually hold it like this then slowly allow my foot to relax and if the cramp comes back, I just start the process over. I work in an office and I like heels so this has been a lifesaver.



Love my 2 BoYs! said...

I am so with you on the insurance issue. We are going through the same thing right now. Our ins. and most any other ins. doesnt cover alot of infertility treatments!!!!
So we are having to pay out alot of $$$$$ right now :( I know in the end it will be worth it but when you think about how much you pay every month for insurance, it makes you mad when you still have to pay so much for medical treatment!! But I have an answer to a prayer today regarding that issue. We werent sure how many months we would be able to do the whole fertility treatment and today we got a very unexpected check in the mail for overpaid escrow on our house. An answered prayer from God, saying here I will take care of it!!! Isnt that awesome!

Have a happy weekend and enjoy this weather!!