Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Are Still Here!

What a week! I now realize how hard it is to get things done when you work 9 hours a day, come home to a 2 year old, and then care for her until 9pm. Before Emma was born I would come home from work and be bored to death all night just sitting on the couch watching tv. Now my nights are filled with a cranky toddler, time outs, dinner, bathtime, painting, some more fights with a toddler, and finally bedtime. I've been getting up around 5am every morning so by the time 9:30 hits, I'm running to my big bed. But so far I love my job and all of my coworkers.

Emma has had a major turnaround at daycare this past week! She cries only a little bit when we drop her off and then she is good the rest of the day. She no longer cries and begs when we turn in the parking lot so that makes it easier. She's also started napping anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours, eats all of her food, and really loves it when they get to go outside. Happy Emma=Happy Mommy!

In other news, we've really entered the terrible 2's stage. George and I have really struggled these past 2 weeks with Emma's attitude. I know her being in daycare and the recent changes are probably a big part of it, but wow is all I've got to say. Anyone have some magic advice on what to do? We try so hard to play with her all night but the littlest thing will send her into hysterics and then it's all downhill from there. Some nights I'm so anxious for bedtime to arrive so I can have some peace. I've never really thought parenthood was so hard until now. Now I get it. I hate disciplining her. Is that even a word? And I feel like we tell her "no" all the time and it breaks my heart.

So if anyone can share any tips on how to be a better parent, I'm all ears! Yesterday one of G's coworkers said to start watching the show "Supernanny!" She scares me! But I really want to get this under control before it's too late. HELP!

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