Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Trip to See Dr. Mahesh!

Today we went & saw Dr. Mahesh for Emma's last RSV shot of the season. I picked Emma up during naptime at school so she has not been a happy camper today.

Her appt went well and she is now 22 lbs 10 oz & she's gained .5lb since 4 wks ago! It's about time she starts gaining again. Other than that she sounded and looked good. We will go back on June 2nd and at that appt we will talk about switching her off the nebulizer to something different. He mentioned something with a mask but it's not a nebulizer so I don't know if he's talking about an inhaler or something else. Of course, I didn't ask so we'll just have to wait. Emma will continue her Pulmicort & Foradil twice a day until then. I really think the Foradil is helping.

In other news, Miss Priss has a snotty nose (AGAIN!) and a upset belly yesterday, but hopefully the snot will be the only thing coming out of her. I don't think I can handle a sickness right now. :)

We are really looking forward to this weekend b/c it is the Northrop Grumman Easter Egg Hunt and it is Crystal and Andy's wedding reception. They got married in Antigua 1.5 wks ago & we are so excited to celebrate at the reception. I'll have lots of pics!

Also, we are planning on taking a beach vacation this summer and I'm super duper stoked! More than likely we will hit up Destin, FL again b/c it is so beautiful but I'm open to suggestions. We are planning on August so I'll have plenty of vacation days built up and the prices are cheaper at the end of summer. If anyone has any awesome beach locations let me know and we'll check the place out. I LOVE vacations!!!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

I love Destin too! We have been to gulf shores the past few years so we are thinking destin this year too! Just need a change :) Where do ya'll usually stay in Destin??

Glad Emma's appt. went well!


The Titsworth Family said...

We stay at Edgewater Condos which are really nice. That's where George always stayed when he was younger and it's just so nice you don't want to change! Let me know when you guys go if it's in August. Last year we ran into one of the NICU dr's and his family at an Arby's in Southern AL and they were on their way to Destin too. It was funny!