Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Wow, what a beautiful weekend!!! Emma, Braxton and I took off Friday morning for Cookeville/Sparta while George stayed behind and worked. I LOVE my every other Friday off! We got back early today so we could prepare for the week. I've got several pics from our trip but for now, here are some from a few minutes ago. While Daddy cooked tacos, Emma and I played outside. Enjoy!

Being silly...

Playing with our balls!

This is what happens when she doesn't get her way...she didn't get to throw Braxton's ball so this lasted all of 2 seconds!

And another one b/c she's cute!

And right after the tantrum...happy as a lark! She's so cute!

Later I will post more pics and I hope everyone is enjoying this niiiice weather b/c I sure am!

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