Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Extra Long Weekend

It's been several days since my last blog post but we've been busy as usual. George was home for 4 days over Memorial Day weekend and I wish he was off like that every week. :)

Originally I thought we were going to Houston to watch my youngest brother graduate high school on Sunday but there was some miscommunication and the trip didn't work out. I was so bummed...just ask George. I should have clarified all of the details earlier but didn't worry about it until last minute so our plans changed quickly. After moping around for 2 days we decided to take Emma to Lake Winnie in Chattanooga, TN on Sunday. I've heard of Lake Winnie before but never realized what it was. I would describe it as an upscale fair. :) It was awesome! It turned out to be such a perfect day even with a little rain and the price for admission was awesome too. We ended up and drove Hudson & Braxton to G's parents house Saturday night. Then on our way up to Chattanooga Sunday morning we drove about 20ish minutes when BOTH of our cell phones died! And we didn't have a car charger! The first time I leave Hudson alone all day long and we don't even have a phone. Luckily there was a payphone at Lake Winnie so I was able to call and talk for $1 for 4 minutes. It was crazy. But Hudson did great and didn't even know we were gone. Emma had a blast too riding all of the rides. She's just like her mommy. I have always loved roller coasters and get so excited about theme parks and she's the same way. She kept wanting to ride more roller coasters and the get dizzy. :) We were running around to ride after ride and took a quick break to eat. She was so incredibly cute and I loved every minute of it. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the way home around 7pm and slept until the next morning. Fun times! I told George I can't wait until she's old enough to go to Six Flags!

Riding the ladybugs!

The swings! I rode the adult swings and oh my goodness they made my stomach turn! A-mazing!

Bookworm roller coaster! it was so funny there was this little girl maybe 6 or 7 years old sitting behind us and she started panicking when she got on. Her grandmother kept telling her it would be fine and the little girl lost it. Poor thing was begging the lady to stop the ride which she did and it was so sad. The grandmother kept saying "look at the little girl in front of you, she's not scared at all!" She was talking about Emma. During the ride everyone would hold their arms up high and Emma loved doing that.

Yesterday I ended up unpacking and cleaning house all day long. It was a disaster! Today I thought we would do something fun and we headed to Point Mallard. It was great even though the water was a little cold. Emma is still a fish in the water and I'm looking forward to swim lessons in 3 weeks. Here she is in one of her new bathing suits.

She started pushing Hudson in the swing and it was so sweet! She's been so so sweet to him recently and I love it. She's been paying him more attention than normal and loves to help feed him. I love watching them interact together!

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