Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Yesterday was our friend Jessica's 30th birthday and we went to Surin's tonight to celebrate. George was commenting on how our dinners have changed nowadays. Once upon a time it was just adults having a good time and now it includes 4 kids all under 3 years of age and a full glass of coke all over the table, spoons banging on dishes, tantrums, and everything else you can think of. We are definitely the kid table that no one wants to sit beside. :)

George took this picture while I was gone to the CMT's on Wednesday. LOVE my babies!

I snapped these of Hudson this morning b/c his eyes were so incredibly blue in this blue outfit. I did not edit these in any way except darken the black color a bit. Both of the kiddos just have beautiful breathtaking eyes!

Oh I just want to squeeeeeze him!

Love this one of Daddy and Emma at dinner tonight.

Mommy and Emma! She was such a character tonight. Both kids were ready for bed when we got home.

The Adams family-Cassie, Kynsleigh, and Sam

Chad and the Birthday Girl! I can't believe I didn't get a good picture of Hayden. Bummer!

Jess's ice cream cake from DQ-Yummy!

Friends Jessica and Josh

Jessica loving on Hudson...she's so wonderful with him. She will make an amazing mommy one day!

It was so much fun to get out of the house on a Friday night and socialize with friends. We don't do that much anymore and tonight confirmed why. :) It wasn't that bad but it was hectic at times. Yes, Emma did spill a full coke all over the table and all over her daddy's pants. Fun times!

We've got a really busy weekend ahead but it will be fun. Oh and George's 28th birthday is coming up on Monday!

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