Saturday, June 19, 2010

Always On the Go!

I happen to be a very antsy person and can't stand to not leave the house frequently.  We stayed home all of last week and by Thursday I was ready to hit the road.  So I packed the bags and we headed to Cookeville.  Let me tell you, I am the master packer.  I can pack for me and two small kids within the hour.  When I get my mind set on something, I do it.  :)  It drives G bonkers b/c if you get in my way you will get ran over.  ha!  Anyways, we had lots of fun visiting family and playing with the cousins.  We stayed super busy and I'm ready to plop myself in the bed at 7pm.  Enjoy the pictures!
**I updated blogger and now I'm having a hard time with my pictures.  I am unable to type above them at the moment so I'll work on it and post captions later.**

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