Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congrats Cathy & Adam!

So this morning I had typed up this blog post and bam! Emma turned off the computer. :( So now I'm doing it again and it's going to be short and sweet b/c I'm tired! George and I did a yoga type class at the gym today and it was intense. Sweat was dripping off me onto the floor and my shirt was soaked. I think I did too many Scorpion poses! :)

Anyways, yesterday we traveled to Pikeville, TN for Cathy's wedding. She was a gorgeous bride with a beautiful dress and we had fun. The kids did okay even though Hudson pooped right when the ceremony started and G had to walk down the aisle while everyone else was still as a mouse. Emma kept talking too so I missed most of the ceremony. Ah the excitement of kids!

Hudson being super cute before the ceremony started.

Beautiful miss Emma!

Cathy's mom, Tena, walking down the aisle...LOVE her to death!

Cathy and her dad...such a sweet moment!

Newlyweds!!! Don't they look happy?

Eating chocolate cake at the reception. It was so very good!

George snapped a few pictures while the photographer was doing her thing. Unfortunately from walking outside in the heat after being in air conditioning, our lens was really fogged up so we had to work on the pictures a little. The originals all have a fog over them.

Love this pose!!

Hudson passed out from being too cute. :)

Me and Cat! We sure did get ourselves into trouble back in the day. :)

Just 2 old married girls these days!

When we got about 15 minutes from the house the most beautiful rainbow appeared and you could see the beginning and end. It was gorgeous and was wonderful to see after a perfect day. :)

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