Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Granny!

Today is my Granny Dunham's 74th birthday! Yesterday we went to Nashville to celebrate and had a wonderful time. They grilled out some yummy hamburgers and we spent a couple of hours swimming and then eating cake. Perfect day! :)

Granny with Monya, Melica, and Emma (wish Emma was smiling!)

Emma was so confused during the pictures...there wasn't a single picture of her actually looking at the camera and smiling.

Granny's beautiful cake from Sam's. It was so so very good!

Aunt Marsha loving on Hudson. He got lots of loving yesterday!

Sweet Melica & Hudson

Monya & Hudson...I think he was trying to pull her hair. Gotta love that big baby smile!

Uncle Jim's mom is in town from Iran and we usually get to see her every couple of years. She is so incredibly sweet and I was glad to get a picture of her and Hudson. My granny has a picture of me at Aunt Marsha's wedding when I was about 6 or so months old and she was there too. Now she's holding my baby.

The Birthday girl & Hudson...he seemed to get in on all the pictures yesterday. He loved Granny's necklace!

We had a blast swimming and the water felt so good. Emma was a fish as usual and Hudson enjoyed himself too.

Hudson would start kicking his feet like crazy but he always kept the same expression on his face.

Thanks for having us Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jim and I appreciate the girls playing with Emma so mommy & daddy could have a break. Can't wait to come visit again!

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