Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday to the Bestest Husband/Daddy Ever!

Today my sweet Georgie celebrated his 28th birthday and he wanted it low key this year so that's what he got. :) Last night we went to Phil Sandoval's so I told him that was his birthday dinner. Then after work today we met up at the gym and did a very intense 60 minute cardio class with the most enthusiastic girl ever. She cracks me up. She is so stinkin perky and I found out tonight she used to be a cheerleader. Knew it!

Back to G's birthday...

Gabby posted this picture on Facebook this morning and it is from G's 2nd birthday. Is he not the cutest?? It was a clown cake! He was so tiny and I love his blond hair.

We had grilled chicken after we got home from the gym and some steamed about a birthday dinner! We're trying to be healthier these days especially since we are both approaching 30. Here's Hudson waiting patiently for his chicken & broccoli trees. :)

I hadn't intended on getting G a cake b/c he said he really didn't want one since we're trying to be healthy. Well this morning Emma informed me that she couldn't sing happy birthday to him until he had candles on his cake. Sooo, I decided to do a last minute giant cupcake from Publix. They always have them until today. They are sold out! Of course that would happen. So after several sighs I broke down and spent $10 on one of their mini birthday cakes with whipped icing. It was pathetic looking and I would have much rather had a home made cake but oh well. It was actually very tasty and George wasn't too upset that we got it. :)
Oh and I forgot to add that I told Emma we couldn't tell daddy about his special surprise cake. ha! Don't tell that to a 3 year old. We were eating and she somehow spilled the beans in her cute little voice way and then the only thing we had to light the candles was a lighter (which I'm terrified of) and I burned my finger twice so George had to light his own candles!

Emma trying to finish her dinner so she could have cake (really just icing!)

Daddy and his babies...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The big 2-8!

George got birthday cards from his momma, Graham, and my Granny Scott today. He was so excited. Graham did such a wonderful job on his card and it was very special. Thanks Graham!

The front of the card...the inside read "I love uncle George and he is funny from Graham.

We interrupt this post for a cute shot of the H-man!

Opening up his card from his momma!

She printed off another cute picture of him as a young lad. So creative!

And the last card is from my Granny Scott. She also sent him a Subway gift card which is absolutely perfect b/c all of his gifts this year were fitness related. Thanks granny!

His birthday presents. He asked for 3 books, a fitness bar for pull ups, push ups, etc, a fitness ball, and some new Vibram running shoes. He was super happy he got all of his gifts! Happy Birthday my love!

I also wanted to mention that Hudson has recently found his feet and he cracks up when he sees them. It is so cute! Sometimes he will see them but he can't reach them and he'll keep trying so hard. :)

Miss Thang in Hudson's sunglasses tonight before bed. Oh and I wanted to mention that Emma can officially dress herself with no assistance (most outfits). Just another sign that she is growing up. It is kind of nice to tell her to put clothes on and her do it. Sometimes it just takes saying it a million times!

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