Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

I thought this was a cute picture of Isaac. He wanted me to take his pic so I did. He is such a ham!

Aunt Margaret flew in the morning of T-Day to visit and then headed to NY. Believe it or not this was the first time Emma has ever met her! Margaret flew into Huntsville the day that Emma was born but didn't get to see her in the NICU and so this is the first time it worked out for us to see her. I am so glad we got to visit and Emma finally got to meet her. They have such a busy schedule but hopefully we can see her again soon.

Here are the three munchkins being so incredibly cute! Awhile back they started lining up in the hallway at Gabby's house and then they will say "ready, set, go" and take off down the hall. I love watching them play and interact together. So sweet.

Aren't they cute??

Ok, I've got lots more pics from Turkey day to share, but I just started reading Twilight and now that Emma is asleep, I must go read! I will try to post more pics tomorrow. We've got some cute cute pics from Thanksgiving!

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