Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life With The Nebulizer

So far Emma has been handling the nebulizer okay. Last night was the first time we used it and she screamed the entire time. George also spilled some of the medicine on the floor. I felt like we were toturing her and it was pitiful. This morning George got up with her and he gave it to her all by himself and it was much easier b/c they watched Super Why (a PBS show) and that kept her occupied. The treatments take about 8 minutes or so and that's a long time to keep a mask with steam coming out of it in front of a toddler. But tonight I gave it to her by myself with the help of Super Why and we did just fine. It does stink that we have to do it twice a day but if it makes her better then we will gladly do it!

Also, earlier tonight we went as a family to the mall to see Santa and do some Christmas shopping. Up until now Emma has done wonderfully with Santa and the Easter Bunny. Not this time. When I sat her on his lap she screamed and cried and it was sooo pitiful. Santa was so great too and I love how he looks. She wasn't having it though. I wanted to buy just one picture but of course you have to buy 2 3x5's and 2 keychain pictures. Who in the world wants to spend $20-$30 on those pics?? Do they not realize that I just spent $80 on Christmas cards! I plan on getting her picture made with Santa again at Santa's village in a couple of weeks and I'll definitely have to buy one then.

After we left the crowded the mall we headed to Bridge Street. We went to a couple of stores and then to the pizza restaurant for dinner. George sat down with Emma while I got a high chair and our drinks. From the other side of the restaurant Emma started screaming "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" It was so cute and I just smiled from ear to ear. There was a young couple around our age that just thought she was the cutest thing and they kept looking back and forth from Emma to me. She is such a joy and I love it when she says she loves me. :)

Tomorrow George is going to work since he missed 2 days last week and has tons of stuff to do so Emma and I are going Christmas shopping some more. We are going to attempt Toys R Us and a couple of other stores. I still can't believe Christmas is almost here. After that is my birthday, New Years, our wedding anniversary and then Emma's 2nd birthday. We have a busy couple of months!

Check back tomorrow night for pictures. I'll have to show some of Emma with her nebulizer. Good night!

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Amy George said...

I feel your pain!! Last year, we had to use a nebulizer when Lily had RSV. The hardest part is getting them to stay still during the treatment. I hope she feels better soon!