Saturday, November 1, 2008

The ONE Year Anniversary of NO OXYGEN!!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been one whole year since Emma came off her oxygen. I do not miss it one bit. I can remember back to the first week she was home and how the first few nights George and I hardly slept at all. We were constantly turning the lights on to make sure her color was good and that her oxygen was still in her nose. Miss Diva pants liked to pull the tubes out and of course she couldn't breathe on her own without it so she caused a few scares. It was such a pain in the butt. We came home with 2 tanks, a big blue oxygen compressor which was later replaced by liquid oxygen that was in a huge silver tank. Both of these were rather loud and scared our poor Braxton to death. I think he spent most of the first week barking at the compressor. Then we had the tubes and stickers. I think we had 25 feet of tubing which isn't much at all. Most of the time we kept the compressor in the living room and that's where Emma stayed except for bedtime. I was always getting the tubes hung on stuff like the couch or tables and poor Emma's head would get jerked around. It makes me cringe just typing this! Then we have the stickers. That's what held the oxygen tube on her face. We had to change them out every few days or so and of course, they hurt Emma when we changed them. Definitely don't miss those either. I know she needed it all and that's all that mattered but it didn't stop me from complaining about it. I can remember George's first day back to work after she came home and it was on a Friday. Not long after he left I needed to pump. Emma was alseep in her bassinet a few feet from me so I pumped for about 15 minutes. I go to check on her and somehow she had managed to take her oxygen out of her nose and she was as white as a ghost. I started to freak and ran over to the compressor and upped her oxygen for a few seconds. Her color came back but mommy felt like the worse person in the world. Emma was constantly pulling stunts like that but as she got older it wasn't as bad. So that's what is was like having oxygen. Now on to the pics...

Emma on the way home from the hospital. I wish I had counted how many times George asked me if Emma's color was good. We were so scared.

Emma last year on Halloween. Helmet and oxygen!

Mommy and Emma on Halloween!

November 1st...the BIG day! Dr. Mahesh made the call and took off her oxygen.
Mommy cried a little.

Dr. Mahesh and Emma showing off her pretty face. NO TUBES!

Emma's friend Ella and her daddy at their appt too. Ella had to go home on O2 but not as long as Emma. I kept her stickers on for a bit and then took them off. Such a great day!

Emma jumping with no oxygen!

And again with her helmet off.

What a wonderful year it has been and my sweet little Emma has grown so much. I miss my little baby so much at times but I don't miss the oxygen and the helmet. She was such a trooper through it all and I'm so glad that she won't remember any of it. I know I've rambled in this post but I want Emma to look back and read this one day. Thanks for reading!

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Courtney said...

aww..what a special post! Congrats little Emma!