Friday, November 14, 2008

And We Are Back!

Sorry blog readers, I've been slacking in the posting department. Emma has just been more of a handful recently and she does not like for me to get on the computer when she's around. Unless she's sitting in my lap and banging on the keyboard! She requires my full attention all day and if I try to sit she says "mommy, get up!" The first few times it was really cute, but man it can get annoying. If George gets up with her in the morning she will come to my side of the bed and pull my covers off saying "get up!" Then at night when she goes to bed I usually go to bed too and bypass the computer. I promise to start being better in the next few weeks. I've hardly even taken a picture recently.

On to other news...Emma has had a cough for the past 2 months or so now. It will disappear for a couple of days and then show up again. We first tried amoxicillin and then a couple of weeks ago we tried augmentin. Well after her last dose on Friday the silly cough showed back up super nasty and Emma's been horse. I took her to Dr. Dudley today for the 4th time in over a month and now we are doing steriods! She's taking the 5 day tablet and I really really hope this clears it up. Poor Emma just rolls around in her bed trying to breathe and the cough sounds so nasty that it breaks my heart. She woke up a couple of times last night and was crying "mommy" so I went to check on her and she just felt so rotten.

Also, on Tuesday we are taking her for a CT Scan of her sinuses. Dr. Dudley wants to see if she has stuff clogged up there and it can't get out. I'm not sure what the plan of action if that is the case but I guess we will know more next week.

And lastly, we talked about going back to Dr. Mahesh, the pulmonologist. We don't think she has asthma b/c she doesn't wheeze, but something could be irritating her airways. So lots of things in the works right now hopefully to get my princess back to 100 percent! It breaks my heart when she doesn't feel well. :(

Check back tomorrow and I will try to post some new pics and share some more of Emma's newest tricks. Today Mrs. Tracy volunteered to let Emma come over and play tomorrow so G and I might go watch a movie or something. She doesn't know it yet, but I think we might just take her up on the offer. Be expecting a call Tracy! :)

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