Monday, June 23, 2008

We Are Back!

After traveling to Tennessee and being sick for the past week, Emma and I are back home and recovering. Poor baby got her first BIG sickness with a temp topping 103.5 and being so miserable it broke my heart. I'll write more about it later because I want to put a few pics up for everyone.

Last Monday my Aunt Marsha, Monya, Melica, and Granny Dunham made the big trip down to Alabama for a visit. We had a great time and as always, sad to see them leave. Here are a few pics from their visit.

Emma showing off her shades!

Playing with Melica...notice her spiderman bandaid? She fell outside and skinned her knee up!

Monya and Emma

And Melica playing on the computer!

check back later for more!

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Abercrombie Girl said...

At playing with MeLICA part, that was monya,