Sunday, June 29, 2008

2008 Blue Angels/Golden Knight Air Show

Yesterday the Huntsville Airport held the Blue Angels & Golden Knight Air Show! The three of us went and had such a blast. We even managed to get a nice sunburn! We took about 3 billion pictures but I will only bore you with about 1 billion. :)

I must add that Emma did awesome the entire time which was about 7ish hours or so and I was amazed. The sun was scorching and there were thousands of people but Emma just stayed on our blanket and played. What an angel!

Here are some pics and I'll show more over the next couple of days...enjoy!

Here is a Blue Angel plane that didn't fly but they were gassing it up as we walked in.

One of the big planes. They had tons of jets & small planes for the kids to tour and look at.

And one of Emma b/c she's cute!

I've got better pics coming but don't want to bombard the blog all at once! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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