Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Are Back From The Lonestar State!

Sorry to leave all of my blog readers hanging, but we took a surprise trip to Houston, Texas last Friday. My younger brother Hunter graduated high school on Sunday and for his graduation present my Uncle Arnold, Emma, and I flew down and surprised him at the airport! It was so incredibly awesome to step off the elevator and see his confused face. After spending 5 days with them we were sad to leave, but Georgie was ecstatic to have us home.

I've got lots of pictures and more to tell later. I just started unpacking the suitcase and have lots to do today. So check back later and hopefully I'll upload some pics in a little while!

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Betsy said...

We LOVED having you here! The house is so quiet...We MISS you guys!!! Emma is an absoloute darling angel!!!